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we prepared the most complete list of all RPA use cases/application areas.

SAP Automation

SAP GUI Automation with UiPath. Automate rule-based processes. Train and design robots to manipulate software applications as a human.

Salesforce Automation

Sales force automation (SFA) Sales force automation (SFA) software is a type of program that automates business tasks such as inventory control, sales processing, and tracking of customer interactions, as well as analyzing sales forecasts and performance.

Sentiment Analysis

A basic task in sentiment analysis is classifying the polarity of a given text at the document, sentence, or feature/aspect level—whether the expressed opinion in a document, a sentence or an entity feature/aspect is positive, negative, or neutral.

PDF Extraction

A quick demonstration on the UiPath’s – Bot PDF data extraction capabilities. In this case study, the Bot downloads the PDF file from an e-mail and automatically extracts the data and save it into “Shipping Application.exe”.

This bot is for getting transaction items from queues in Orchestrator.

Servicenow Demo

desktop automation

This sample demonstrates DesktopAutomation.Inputs data from a excel file into a desktop application.

Amazon Automation

Calculate Distance Between Cities

Calculate Next Business Day Date

Gmail Automation

Bot get the mail body and the senders name form each mail in the inbox and saves the data into excel.

Concatination excel and exception handling

Voice Recognization

Stock Exchange

Bot Capture national stock exchange live information form the NSE website and save the company stock exchange information into excel

Database Connectivity

Excel Automation

Bot checks the input data in excel sheet and results the completed records and incomplete records and write the column names in the new column in the excel sheet .

Save Attachments

Screen Scraping

Adding Items to Queue

Download File From Server

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